Quanam is an IBM Gold Business Partner.

IBM is a leading company in research, development and manufacture of the most advanced information technology of the sector. This includes IT systems, software, networks, storage systems and microelectronics. A cutting-edge technology that has been provided customers with priceless solutions and professional services worldwide.


Quanam is an Oracle Platinum Partner.

Oracle is known as "The Information Company”. Information is their business: Its handling and management, use, share and protection. They are the biggest corporate software provider in the world. Oracle is the only vendor that has solutions for every level of your business. Database, Middleware, Business Intelligence, Business Applications, and Collaboration. Oracle will give you access to the information you need in order to measure results, improve processes and share only one picture across the whole company.


BeSmart, formerly SPSS Argentina, specializes in helping companies understand their customers’ behaviour in order to predict their needs, with a view to striking solid, long-lasting and profitable relationships.

BeSmart is a leading vendor in predictive solutions, statistical tools and consultancy services focused on data analysis and model development. The company’s analytical methodology connects data, information and key knowledge for business decision making.


Quanam is a Microsoft Certified Solution Provider and therefore is able to provide customers with the best solutions for the widest spread platforms on PC environments. Among our experts, there are numerous specialists graduated from Microsoft.


GBM is a leading company in Central America and the Caribbean in terms of IT solutions integration that adds value to business and leads the company meet their expected financial results.


Talent-TT leverages a network of experienced Business Partners with in-depth technology and industry experience to provide Skilled Nearshore Resources in the areas of Hybrid Data Management, Data Science and Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Digital Transformation.